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brand journalism case study how volvo went viral with that van damme video

On Thursday 14th November 2013, Volvo released its 6th and latest video in its “Live Test” series on YouTube. Within 24 hours, this video had been viewed over 7 million times. A week after its launch, viewing numbers have skyrocketed to nearly 40 million views and still counting and the video is being labelled “epic” and “the best video ever”. In case you are not one of the 39+ million people who have seen it, here is the Epic Splits by Jean Claude van Damme in the Volvo Live Test 6 advert: So, the marketing team at Volvo can clap themselves on the back for creating a viral marketing advert. But this blog looks beyond measuring the success of the advert by the number of views, but looks at the brand journalism strategy that has been applied to the whole campaign. Yes, brand JOURNALISM, I say, even though it is a video not written content.
Byker Hall Residential and Nursing Care Home

ENHANCED CARE GROUP of care homes offer dementia carers a much-needed break with short term respite care.

Respite care is absolutely essential for carers, to enable them to take a break to recharge their batteries or even, as we found, to attend to their own health issues. Award winning care home, Fellingate and the newly opened, purpose built Wardley Gate care home both have beds allocated for dementia sufferers and people with other debilitating illnesses in the Gateshead area as well as Byker Hall Care Home in Byker.
Wardley Gate Residential Care Home

The 10 most important attributes of a good care home

According to a recent survey, here is the list of ten attributes for good care homes. Values must be held at the top The culture is crucial. The views of the chief executive, expressed privately behind their office door, must reflect the fundamentals of integrity, honesty, mutual respect and humanity in relation to the management of their business. Staff in a good care home are its heart and model its values. They must be respected, supported, well treated and valued. Their emotional as well
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